Still Filming, Spielberg, 76, Wins Berlin Lifetime Awards

PARIS, France — Director Steven Spielberg, picking up a lifetime achievement awards at the Berlin Film Festival, said the prospect of making new films continued to excite him at 76, and unveiled new details of his planned HBO series.

The director, whose credits include some of the biggest – grossing and best – loved works in cinema history, including ”E.T. the Extra – Terrestrial” and ”Jaws”, has just finished two films back to back: the semi – autobigrapfical ”The Fabelmans” and ”West Side Story”

”Whatever seized me as a little kid is the same feeling I retained all those decades later”, he told reporters on Tuesday. ”When I find a book or a script or come up with an original idea that I think would make a good movie: that excitement..supersedes everything”.

Spielberg, professing he ”loves to work and need to work”, is finalizing a script left unfinished by his friend Stanley Kubrick at the time of his death in 1999.

”We’re mounting a large production for HBA based on Stanley’s original script ”Napoleon”, he said. ”A seven – part limited series”.

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