Qatar Reiterates Denial That Its Government Involved In EU Corruption Case

PARIS, France – Qatar reiterated on Sunday that the country denies any involvement in a corruption case being investigated by Belgian authorities involving people linked to the European Parliament.

Belgian authorities have charged four people linked to the European Parliament over allegations World Cup host Qatar lavished them with cash and gifts to influence decision-making. Qatar has previously denied any wrongdoing.

A statement on Sunday by a diplomat from Qatar’s mission to the European Union said ”preconceived prejudices” led the parliament vote on Thursday to suspend all work on legislation involving Qatar to bar Qatari representatives from its premises.

The suspension affects legislation linked to visa liberalization, an EU-Qatar aviation agreement, and a planned visit until the allegations have been confirmed or dismissed.

”The decision to impose such a discriminatory restriction…will negatively affect regional and global security cooperation, as well as ongoing discussion around global energy poverty and security”, the diplomat said.

Qatar had been ”exclusively criticized and attacked” in the investigation and was disappointed that the Belgian government ”made no effect to engage with our government to establish the facts”, the statement said.

A spokesperson for the European Parliament declined to comment on the accusation.


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