Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Establishes National Media Office in UAE

PARIS, France – Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, the UAE’s deputy prime minister and minister of presidential affairs, on Wednesday launched the National Media Office.

The unit is tasked with developing the media sector, legislation, regulations, and decisions on media development while also monitoring the implementation of legislation in coordination with the relevant authorities and administrative independence.

Initially headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the media office may set up branches or offices in and outside of the country upon a decision by the minister.

According to the new resolution, the Emirates News Agency will operate as a unit reporting to the head of the National Media Office while working within the frameworks of its financial and administrative regulations.

The specific responsibilities of the unit include suggesting and drawing up strategic media plans and media – related legislation, regulations, and decisions concerning developing the media and monitoring and implementing them.

It is also responsible for training and qualifying national media personnel and developing the work of official spokespersons.

The office will also represent the country at media conferences and events domestically and overseas and prepare media research and studies of interest in the country.

It will play a major role in developing strategic relations with Arab, regional, and international media.


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