Saudi Crown Prince, Thai PM Meet In Riyadh After 30 Years To Restore Ties

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman met with Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan – o – cha, in Riyadh on Tuesday, as official talks get underway.

The Thai leader was received at the meeting site by the Saudi Crown Prince in a grand ceremony shared on the Kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Twitter, while Prince Mohammed bin Abdulraham bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of Riyadh Region, received the Thai delegate at the King Khalid International Airport alongside other state officials.

According to MoFa, the two leaders ‘exchanged views, consultation and coordination on many issues to achieve the common interests’ of the two countries.

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the two – day visit was by invitation from Saudi Arabia and marks ‘the first government – level visit in more than 30 years to promote and strengthen bilateral relations’.

Saudi Arabia downgraded its diplomatic ties with Thailand over the theft that became known as the Blue Diamond affair more than 30 years ago.


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