King Salman To Deliver Annual Shoura Council Speech On Wednesday

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – King Salman will deliver an annual speech on Wednesday discussing the Kingdom’s internal and external policy and its position on important regional and international issues.

Shoura Council Speaker Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al – Asheikh  said the council will be honored to listen to the king’s speech which will include directives, his vision regarding various internal and external issues and topics, and the most prominent developments in the Kingdom.

‘We look forward to the royal speech that will outline the features of the future and set out the path and approach that the country will take on its comprehensive development path. It will also clarify the Kingdom’s policy and its position towards various foreign, regional, and international issues’, the speaker said.

He added that the speech comes in light of realistic and tangible transformation  realistic and tangible transformation and developments that the kingdom is witnessing based on its ambitious Vision 2030.

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