Arab Coalition Destroys Houthi Drone Targeting King Abdullah Airport In Jazan

PARIS, France – The Arab Coalition destroyed on Monday a drone that was aiming to target civilians at King Abdullah Airport in the southern city of Jazan in the Kingdom, state media reported.

The drone was launched from Sana’s international airport in Yemen’s capital, where the Iran 0 backed Houthi militia is in control.

The Coalition also announced it destroyed sites for launching drones and weapon caches for the Houthis in Sana’a, including two workshops for assembling explosive – laden drones as well as locations for storing drones and weapons.

The Arab Coalition added it took precautionary measures to ensure there  were no civilian causalities.

Yemen’s Houthis have in recent months ramped up their attacks on the Kingdom and launched dozens of cross – border aerial attacks on Saudi Arabia.

The Iran – backed militia targeted civilian areas and energy facilities in the Kingdom with explosive – laden drones and ballistic missiles.

The Arab Coalition has been conducting strikes against Houthi militia’s sites in Yemen targeting their weaponry and their core bases.


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