Saudi Air Defenses Destroyed Drone Launched Toward Najran Airport

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – – Saudi Arabia’s air defenses have destroyed a drone that was launched toward Najran airport, according to an Arab Coalition statement.

The coalition said fragments of the intercepted Houthi drone were scattered on the al – Araysah neighborhood in Najran, without causing any injuries.

The drone that was intercepted was launched from Sanaa airport to carry out the attack on Najran airport, the Arab Coalition confirmed.

The Arab Coalition battling the Houthis in Yemen had on Friday said it destroyed three drones launched towards southern Saudi Arabia and a fourth over Yemen. It said the militants ‘failed to launch two ballistic missiles’ and they fell inside Yemen.

The coalition said later on Saturday it has attacked 13 targets during a military operation against the Houthis in Yemen.

The operation hit weapons depots, air defence systems and drones’ communication systems in Sanaa, Saada, and Marib provinces, the coalition said.


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