Saudi Defenses Intercept Houthi Drone Launched Toward Khamis Mushair

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – – Saudi Arabia’s air defenses have intercepted an explosive drone launched by the Iran – backed Houthi militia toward Khamis Mushait in the Kingdom, according to an Arab Coalition statement.

The Iran – backed Houthis have continued their attempts to target civilians and economic infrastructures in the Kingdom in efforts that drew condemnation from several Arab and Western countries.

The latest attack comes after the Arab Coalition carried out 26 separate operations targeting of Houthi militias in Marib and al – Bayda within the past 24 hours.

The coalition announced the killing of more than 140 Houthi militants and the destruction of 18 military vehicles in Marib and Al – Bayda.

The coalition affirmed support for Yemeni forces’ operation on the western Yemeni coast were ‘outside the Stockholm Agreement areas’.


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