Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Launches Strategic Offices For Al – Baha, Al – Jouf, Jazan

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced on Sunday the launch of the strategic offices for the development of al – Baha, al – Jouf, and Jazan regions.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), these offices aim to capitalize on the unique competitive advantages each of the three regions have to offer, while  ensuring the development of a strong investment environment attracting private sector engagement in different areas.

The announcement of the strategic offices in the three regions amplifies the Crown Prince’s affirmation of comprehensive development throughout all cities and regions across the Kingdom, benefiting all citizens as part of a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation.

Mohammed bin Salman, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, assured that the establishment of strategic offices in other regions will follow with the aim of developing all regions in the Kingdom without exception.

The strategic offices will be focused on all aspects of the development agenda in those regions. They will work on the distinct features and advantages of each region to maximize benefit and transform them into sustainable and permanent economic drivers for the regions.

Moreover, the strategic offices will be focused on the development of the regions, coordination with all relevant governmental entities and including the private sector in the development plans of the regions to ensure proper utilization of the regional components.

The establishment of the strategic offices for the development of the three regions the Crown Prince’s vision of creating comprehensive and sustainable development throughout the Kingdom by maximizing on each region’s unique competitive advantages and building upon them as economic pillars.

Job Opportunities

This will also crate job opportunities for the citizens of the different regions, while elevating the quality of life, enhancing basic services, and improving the infrastructure for the citizens of those regions.

Al – Baha is considered one of the most prominent touristic destinations in the Kingdom. The region includes a large number of forests and is well known for having the Reghdan and the Qima’a and Shukran parks. The region is also the home of many ancient villages and forts.

Al – Jouf is considered to be home to one of the oldest settlement in the Arabian peninsula dating back to the Paleolithic period. The region is known  as the ‘Food basket of the Kingdom’ as it contains fertile land with abundant water resources. It is a leader in olive oil production and is responsible for about 67 percent of the Kingdom’s olive oil production. 

Jazan shows great promise in many economic sectors including logistics and agriculture. The region is home to one of the most important touristic destinations in the Kingdom, Farasan Islands, and the Port of Jazan  – – the third largest port on the Red Sea Coast.

The launch of the Strategic Offices in these three regions comes as  a continuation to the announcement of the Aseer region strategy, a holistic and comprehensive ensuring the development of the region on all fronts.


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