UAE Introduces $5,000 Fine For Failing To Ensure New Domestic Workers Quarantine

The United Arab Emirates has introduced a $5,000 (AED 20,000) fine for hiring domestic workers from abroad and failing to ensure they quarantine on arrival, amid other new COVID-19 rules.

Anyone who recruits domestic workers without disclosing their arrival to the authorities will face the same fine.

News that the country’s attorney general Hamad al – Shamsi updating federal law 38 of 2020 was announced on Saturday by official news agency WAM.

Other penalties include a $2,750 (AED 10,000) fine for not carrying the required COVID-19 tracking device, and $5,500 (AED 20,000) fine for spreading misleading information about the virus or the country’s policies to deal with it.

The UAE’s law on COVID-19 restrictions was introduced in March of 2020 as the coronavirus crisis spread


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