Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Congratulates Olympic Champion Tarek Hamedi

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has congratulated karate player Tarek Hamedi, the silver medalist in Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, Saudi Press Agency SPA reported on Tuesday.

The prince congratulated Hamedi for distinguished skills in karate, wishing him to achieve many major titles in the future.

Hamedi expressed his gratefulness and affirmed his support for all athletes in general and those interested in karate.

The meeting was attended by Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki al – Faisal, Minister of Sports and President of the  Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Sports and President of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki al – Faisal announced that karate player Tarek Hamedi will be honored and gifted 5 million Saudi riyals ($1.3 million).

Hamedi brought home a silver Olympic  medal after being disqualified from the men’s over 75kg final when he threw a high kick and knocked out his opponent. Hamedi was leading on points when he threw the kick that struck Iranian athlete Sajad Ganjzadeh in the neck, leaving him motionless and having to be removed from the arena on a tretcher.


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