Saudi Arabian, Austrian FMs Hold Joint Press Conference In Vienna

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Frhan on Tuesday said the Kingdom has a common vision with Austria regarding the  stability of the region in a joint press conference with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Schallenberf in Vienna.

Schallenberg said Saudi Arabia is his country’s largest partner in the Middle East.

‘Saudi Arabia plays a pivotal and important role in the region’, Schallenberg said.

When it comes to the Iran – backed Houthi militia, the Austrian foreign minister said that their attacks on the Kingdom are ‘unacceptable’, adding that the Houthis must return to the negoitiation table.

‘We support the return, consolidation and implementation of the nuclear agreement with Iran’, the Austrian foreign minister said.

‘We presented a strategic initiative for a ceasefire in Yemen’, Prince Faisal said, adding that the Houthis rejected the ceasefire initiative in Yemen and deliverately escalated and attacked Marib.

The Saudi foreign minister said the Kingdom is keen to stop the war in Yemen.

‘I spoke in Austria about Iranian interference in the region’, Prince Faisal said, adding the Kingdom holds Iran responsible for its nuclear activities.

Prince Faisal said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) role in Iran’s nuclear file is ‘crucial’.

In terms of climate change, the Saudi foreign minister said the Kingdom is ‘committed with the international community to address the challenge of climate change’.

‘Saudi Arabia’s environmental initiatives have affected us greatly’, the Austrian foreign minister said, adding that Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative is an important step.

Schallenberg said there are ‘developments taking place in Saudi Arabia in several areas, and we support them’.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister discussed with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief ‘the importance of imposing the necessary mechanism for a rapid and comprehensive inspection of all Iranian nuclear sites’, the foreign ministry wrote in a tweet on Monday.


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