Oman To Allow Gulf Citizens Land Entry As Some Restrictions Ease

Oman said on Wednesday it will Omanis and citizens of other Gulf countries to move across its land borders daily for work, while also loosening other pandemic – related restrictions imposed for health reasons, state TV said on Twitter.

Oman also extended a ban on entering the country for travellers from Sudan, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sierra Leona, Eithiopia, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and the Philippines, Oman TV said.

It also said it would not allow entry for people coming from Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, as well as anyone who has been in any of the banned countries in the prior 14 days, starting on June 5 and until further notice.

Mosques with a capacity of less than 100 people will be allowed to reopen, but only for the Muslin five daily prayers. Commercial activities will be allowed to resume at a 50% capacity and social functions like weddings will be allowed at a 30% capacity.

Last month, Oman ended a nightly curfew that had been introduced to stem the spread of COVID-19.


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