Saudi Arabia’s Ithra Celebrates Ramadan With Cultural Events, Activities

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) is celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with a wide selection of cultural events and interactive activities.

Ithra is offering visitors a chance to take part in events focused on national traditions and  Saudi Arabian heritage, as well as different interactive workshops.

The centre’s Ramadan program also includes a collection of cognitive games targeted at different age groups, Ramadan Chapters, and art tours.

The Ramadan Chapters feature 12 artworks that are inspired by the holy month.

The pieces have been integrated into the architectural design of the Ithra building, and visitors will be able to go on a tour to learn about the inspiration behind the center.

Ithra is also hosting a series of cultural meetings through the ‘Ithra Cultural Majlis’,, and a program called the ‘Pockets of Lights’ by the Imam of The Ithra Mosques, Mohammed al – Saawi.

The program will explore the history of Arabic calligraphy, as well as narrating Gargan’an stories.

Several interactive programs are also available, including ones on the art of the marbling process, learning Arabic letters.

A Ramadan Nights bazzar has also been set of fine dining restaurants including Entrecote Cafe fe Paris, Bonzai, and Section – B, and Ewan.

Ithra is a creative and interactive public space for workshops, shows, activities, exhibitions, and experiences.

The center host several events throughout the year including theatre performances, musicals, film screenings, workshops, and cultural events.

Its facilities include the Idea Lab, a library, a theater, a museum, a cinema, the Great Hall, the Energy Exhibit, the Children’s Museum, and the Ithra Tower.


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