Saudi Cabinet Vows To Protect Energy Security

The Saudi government on Tuesday once again condemned the Iran – back Houthi militias’ constant attacks targeting civilians and vowed to take all the necessary deterrent steps to protect national capabilities, oil exports and global commerce.

Chaired virtually by King Salman, the ministers highlighted that the attacks do not only target the Kingdom and its economic facilities, but rather the center of the global economy, the security of its exports and its oil supplies, while also affecting maritime navigation.

‘In this regard, the Cabinet stressed that the Kingdom will take all the necessary deterrent measures to protect its national capabilities and gains, preserving energy, the stability of its supplies, oil exports and global commerce’, Majid Al – Qassabi, acting minister of media, said in a briefing to the Saudi Press Agency about the meeting. ‘This would also lead to the end of these attacks the reflect the on – going Iranian hegemony over the political and military decision of the militia, which helps Iran achieve its disruptive agenda that seeks to spread chaos and undermine regional and international security. This also confirms the Houthis’ refusal of various political efforts aimed at ending the Yemeni crisis, particularly following the announcement of the Kingdom’s peace initiative’, Al – Qassabi added.

The Council, once again, expressed the Kingdom’s support of all efforts seeking to ensure the smooth flow of maritime navigation, maritime trade and international supply chains in the Suez Canal, congratulating Egypt for successfully refloating the stranded the stranded large container ship and returning the international maritime traffic to normal.

Al-Qassabi said the Cabinet expressed its appreciation to GCC and Middle Eastern counties that have expressed their readiness to work with the Kingdom to achieve the goals of the ‘Green Middle East’ initiative, announced this week by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

‘This initiative will benefit the region and the world through its ambitious goals aimed to reducing Carbon emission, promoting public health and quality of life, improving the efficiency of oil production, raising the rates of renewable energy use and achieving sustainable development’, said Al – Qassabi.

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