Saudi Council Of Ministers Holds Virtual Session To Discuss Houthi Attacks


Saudi Arabia’s cabinet met Tuesday to discuss and express appreciation for the condemnation of the ‘cowardly terrorist and sabotage’, which targeted an oil refinery in Riyadh last week.

The meeting also expressed its gratitude to ‘brotherly and friendly countries, regional and international organizations, and bodies’, the Saudi Press (SPA) reported.

Officials also reaffirmed that terrorist acts that are repeatedly committed against vital installations and civilians do not only target the Kingdom alone…but that of the security and stability of energy supplies and the global economy.

Saudi ministers reiterated their right to defend the Kingdom’s land, citizens and residents from the systematic attacks carried out by the Iran – backed Houthi militia. They also expressed a ‘total rejection of Iranian interference in the region‘.

Saudi Arabia has proposed on Monday a new peace initiative to end the ongoing conflict in Yemen between the internationally – recognized government and the Iran – backed Houthis.

Separately, the Cabinet condemned the continued expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, while reaffirming Saudi Arabia’s continued support for the Palestinian cause.

The Council of Ministers also approved a memorandum of understanding between the governments of the Kingdom and Jordan in the field of electrical interconnection. 


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