Saudi Arabia Resumes Some Activities From Mar.7, Keeps Social Gathering Restrictions

Saudi Arabia will list the suspension on activities such as indoor dining and will reopen gyms and cinemas from March 7, but will maintain its ban on large social gatherings, as the Kingdom’s authorities review their coronavirus precautionary measures.

The Kingdom will allow the resumption of entertainment activities, reopen cinema theatres, gyms and gaming venues, and allow indoor dining in restaurants and cafes, state news agency SPA reported on Friday, citing the Ministry of Interior.

However, all large social gatherings such as weddings and banquets continue to be banned, regardless of the location, until further notice. And the maximum number of individuals in a single gathering is set to 20 people.

The Kingdom’s daily coronavirus cases have been in a downwards trajectory since the peak of confirmed infections in a single day neared 5,000 in in mid – June. Since the beginning of this year, the daily cases have not broken the 400 threshold.

‘There will be more inspection campaigns in the future, to ensure that all individuals and establishments adhere to the precautionary measures, and that fines are imposed on violators’, SPA added.

Saudi Arabia’s COVID-19 tally stands at 370,092 confirmed cases, 369,992 recovered patients and 6,519 deaths.


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