Kuwait Imposes 12 Hour Curfew For A Month Amid Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Kuwait will impose a 5 P.M. to 5 A.M. curfew from Sunday until April 8 as the government tries to stem of the rising coronavirus infections, state TV reported on Thursday.

During non – curfew, people are not allowed to enter restaurants and coffee shops and orders are to be picked up through drive thrush and delivery services only.

Taxis are only permitted to carry two passengers at a time, all searing areas in public places are to be closed off, and all public parks will be shut down.

The authorities allowed certain exemptions to the curfew, including performing prayers in mosques, given that individuals walk on foot, and pharmacies and grocery stores can only offer delivery services.

Kuwait will continue to ban the entry of non – citizens to the country until further notice.

The Gulf country has recently reported a sharp rise in the number of daily COVID-19 infections.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health reported 1,716 cases, the highest count in 24 hours since the start of the outbreak and a marked upsurge from the 400 or so daily cases reported on average during January.


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