Arab Coalition: Houthi Attack On Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport Causes Plane Fire

The Arab Coalition on Wednesday said a terrorist attack by the Iran – backed Houthi militia targeting Abdha International Airport in Saudi Arabia caused a fire in a civil plane, according to an Al Arabiya reported.

The coalition added that the fire was under control.

‘Attempting to target Abha airport and threatening civilian travelers is a war crime’, the Arab Coalition said in a statement.

We are taking all necessary measures to protect civilians from the threats of the Houthis‘, the statement added.

The Arab Coalition Coalition said earlier on Wednesday it had intercepted and destroyed two armed drones launched by the Iran – backed Houthis towards Saudi Arabia, Saudi state television reported.

The Iran – backed Houthi militia has intensified its attacks on Saudi Arabia in the past two days, launching explosive – laden drones towards the Kingdom.


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