BREAKING NEWS | Saudi Crown Prince Orders Those Involved In Riyadh Fire Incidents To The Judiciary

RIYADH – – Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has issued a directive to refer those involved in the recent spike in cases of fire incidents in Riyadh to the judiciary, according to an official statement.

The directive by the Crown Prince also ordered a re-examination of the conditions necessary for practicing commercial activities while holding accountable those negligent officials and violating owners, according to a statement from Riyadh’s Public Relations and Media Department.

The statement added the Prince Muhammad bin Abdulraham, Deputy Governor of Riyadh Region stating that based on the direction of the Crown Prince, the issue of the recent spike in fire incidents in Riyadh, their causes, and ways to reduce them has been handled in cooperation with the Anti – Corruption Authority.

Bin Abdulraham added that the two authorities researched and investigated the file who found suspected cases of financial and administrative corruption and that owners of commercial establishment did not comply with the necessary requirements for practicing commercial activities issued by the relevant authorities.

The Crown Prince issued a directive to refer those who were proven involved in those corrupt cases to the judiciary and to form a committee from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Housing to reconsider the safety requirements and activities permitted to be practiced in populated sites, criminalize violators of the regulatory authorities ‘regulations, and oblige commercial activities to insure against accidents.

The directive also directs the relevant authorities to re-study the requirements for practicing commercial activities, hold accountable negligent officials and violating business owners, and take the necessary actions against them in accordance with the regulations and instructions provided by the Supervision and Anti – Corruption Commission.

The Crown Prince had receive in his office earlier the President of the Control and Anti – Corruption Authority, Mazen bin Ibrahim Al-Kahmous.


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