Saudi Crown Prince: Plan For Riyadh To Be Top 10 Largest City Economy In World

RIYADH – – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed on Thursday about strategies to turn Riyadh into one of the world’s Top 10 cities for infrastructure.
Saudi Arabia is ‘aiming to make Riyadh one of the ten largest city economies in the world – today it stands at number 40, the fortieth largest city economy worldwide’, he said on the second day of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference held in the Saudi capital.
‘We also aim to increase its residents from 7.5 million residents today to around 15-20 million residents in 2030’, he said in a conversation with former Italian Prime Minister Mattero Renzi.
‘We must take care of Riyadh of Riyadh and view it in a special way because it is one of the pillars of economic growth in the Kingdom’, he added.
The Crown Prince also revealed that the Saudi authorities aim for Riyadh to become among the world’s most prominent cities in terms of quality of life, tourism and services.
‘We are going to announce one of the biggest industrial cities in the world, it has a network of roads all over the Kingdom and linked to GCC countries’, he said.
The fourth edition of the FII forum opened on Wednesday with panels addressing how to rethink the future of the global economy.
The Crown Prince also said on Thursday that Saudi Aramco will hold further share sales.
Aramco completed the world’s largest initial public offering in late 2019.
‘I promise everyone that as we offered the optimists projects in NEOM city, will soon announce the the details of the rest of strategies for the Kingdom’s regions. They will be optimistic and surprisingly positive for Saudi Arabia and the whole world’, the Crown Prince added.


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