ARTS & CULTURE | Saudi Arabia’s Minister Of Culture Issues First Two Licenses For Music Institutes

Saudi Arabia has announced it has issued the first license for two music institutes to operate in the Kingdom, according to Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Farhan.

In a tweet on Monday, Prince Badr called for those interested in the private and non – profit sectors to apply for licenses to operate businesses in the cultural field.

‘I invite all those interested in the private and non – profit sectors to submit applications for licenses for institutes in various cultural fields on a specialized platform that will start its work after 90 days’, the Kingdom’s culture minister said.

According to the Saudi Gazette newspaper, the list of licenses available for training centers and institutes includes those to establish institutes in the sectors of music, visual arts, theater, performing arts, fashion, culinary arts, museums, heritage, film, design, architecture, translation, archeology, and handicrafts.

‘This comes with the experimental launch of a project to establish specialized training institutes in the fields of culture and arts to support Saudi talents and develop cultural and artistic capabilities, in addition to developing the artistic industry by creating educational and training opportunities’, read a statement on the news published by the Saudi Press Agency.

Last November, Saudi Arabia confirmed that music, theater, and the arts will now be included in the curriculum of public and private schools in the Kingdom.

In addition to incorporating the new subjects into school curriculums, the Ministry of Culture now also has the authority to grant permits and licenses for cultural and artistic activities to public and private schools, institutions, and universities. 


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