G20 SAUDI ARABIA | The G20 In Speech Of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince

The speech of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman last week highlighted the G20 priorities, focusing on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, growth of non – oil GDP, unemployment rate, digital competitiveness and protection of the environment.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman touched on the effects of the pandemic in the G20 member-states, explaining the  Saudi Arabia was one of the top 10 countries in dealing with the economic consequences of the sanitary crisis.

He also expressed optimism that growth would accelerate with the end of the pandemic and the return the normal life.

He also expressed optimism that growth accelerate with end and the pandemic and the return to normal life.

The Kingdom will be one of the fastest growing G20 countries is non – oil GDP in the coming years, he noted.

During the speech, the Crown Prince pointed out that while unemployment increased in the some of the G20 countries to about 20 percent, the Kingdom maintained its efforts to reduce the rate to 7 percent before 2030.

On the shift in technical progress, the Crown Prince underlined that the Kingdom achieved the first position in digital competitiveness at the level of the G20 over the past three years.

He also highlighted she protection of the environment as one of the main axes of the Saudi presidency of the  G20.

The Crown Prince also said that Saudi Arabia adopted many initiatives for the next four years to raise the percentage of vegetation, revealing that the kingdom has massive plans to protect the world’s environment as part of its G20 presidency,


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