BREAKING NEW| Saudi Health Ministry Launches Online Healthy Marriage Service

#RIYADH | SAUDI ARABIA – – The Ministry of Health has launched the first phase of the online healthy marriage service in government health facilities, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Sunday.

The ministry said that the service aims to automate all test procedures in the Kingdom. It starts with entering the parties’ data and organizing education sessions for them, then completing the tests and uploading the information on the ‘Seha’ (Health) platform to match test results. A text message is sent with the approved health certificate number to the compatible parties to enable them to see the results through the Sehhaty application or the ‘Seha’ platform.

If the two parties are incompatible they are referred to governmental advisory clinics, and the Ministry of Justice is enable to inquire about healthy marriage certificates to complete the marriage contract procedures.

The premarital examination service seek to conciliate couples in a way that ensure their harmony health wise. The healthy marriage certificate is valid for six months and, in the case of infectious diseases only, the test can be repeated. This is given the importance of a healthy marriage and its active social, health and economic role, and in avoiding marriage in the case of genetic incompatibility.

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