NEWS ALERT | Saudi Senior Scholars: Insults to Prophets Serve Extremist Interests

RIYADH | SAUDI ARABIA – The Saudi Council of Senior Scholars stressed on Sunday that the insult of Prophets only serves the interests of extremists.

In a statement, it said: The extremists only want to spread hatred among mankind’.

‘It is the duty of wise people throughout the world to condemn such insults that have nothing to do with the freedom of expression or thought’, it continued.

‘Such insults only come from intolerance and are a free service for radicals’, said the council.

‘Islam bars insults to any of God’s prophets and any religious symbols’, it added.

‘It is the duty of all Muslims and lovers of truth and tolerance to spread the saying of the Prophet Mohammed and his teachings of mercy, fairness, forgiveness and equality and pursuit of good for all of humanity’, it stressed.

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