NEWS ALERT | Turkish Aid Group Helps Beirut Victims, Ankara Offers Field Hospital

ISTANBUL – Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) is among those searching for survivors in Beirut after a massive blast in the city killed 100 people and injured nearly 4,000 and Ankara has offered to build a field hospital and help as needed.

‘We’ve relayed  our offer to help’ including immediate work on the hospital, and ‘we are expecting a response from the Lebanese side’, a senior Turkish official told Reuters.

Tuesday’s blast at port warehouses storing highly explosive material was the most powerful in years in Beirut and prompted aid offers from countries including the United States, Israel and Turkey.

Members of the IHH group were digging though debris to look for people and recover bodies, and the group mobilized a kitchen  at a Palestinian refugee camp to deliver food to those in need said Mustafa Ozbek, an Istambul-based official from the group.

‘We are providing assistance with one ambulance to transfer patients. We many provide help according to the needs of the hospital’, he said.

BREAKING NEWS | Saudi Crown Prince, British PM Discuss Boosting Cooperation

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, held telephone talks on Tuesday with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Discussion focused on way to boost cooperation between their countries. The British premier also congratulated Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Saudi Arabia’s successful hosting of the G20 Leaders Summit.

TRAVEL | German States Plan To Relax Virus Rules For Christmas

Germany’s 16 federal states plan to allow gatherings of up 10 people over Christmas and New Year, offering some relaxation of coronavirus restrictions to led families and friends celebrate together, a draft proposal showed on Tuesday. Leaders have also agreed to  dramatically boost capacity on state-owned railway Deutsche Bahn through the winter months, effectively making … Continue reading TRAVEL | German States Plan To Relax Virus Rules For Christmas

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