CELEBERITY | Kanye West Apologies To Wife Kim Kardashian Hours After Visit From Justin Bieber

LOS ANGELES – Kanye West has apologies to his wife Kim Kardashian west for discussing their personal problems in public.

Hours after being visited at his ranch by fellow musician Justian Bieber, the rapper used a public forum, Twitter, to tell her he was story for ‘going public with something that was a private matter’.

Acknowledging he has hurt her, he asked for forgiveness and thanked her ‘for always being there for me’.

West, 43, does not make it clear what he is referring to, but last week he posted tweets which included allegations against his family, such the claim that his wife tried to ‘lock me up’ and that he wanted a divorce.

She, in turn, posted on social media admitting she was ‘powerless’. And reminding concerned fans her husband suffered from bipolar disorder.

Bieber visited West at his ranch in Qyoming, known as Yezzy Campus, on Friday.

West posted a picture of the Canadian deep in conversation with music executive Damon Dash along with the caption: ‘DD & JB discussing the new spray from wall prototypes on the YZY campus’.

Biber, 26, was pictured relaxing in a chair while speaking with Mr. Dash.

He and his wife Hailey have been touring and put pictures of the trip on Instagram.

Friday has been scheduled as the release date for his new album, but there was no sign of it on streaming platforms.

In other tweet posted by West on Saturday, the singer reaffirmed his commitment to running for president in November, insisting he could ‘BEAT BIDEN ON WRITE INS’.

As an independent candidate who entered the race late, voters in some states will have to write West’s name onto ballot papers before they can vote for him, under U.S. election rules.

A write-in candidate has never won a U.S. presidential election.

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