FASHION | Armani and Net-A-Porter Are Teaming Up To Bring Us A New-Gen Shopping Experience

Armani and the Yoox Net-A-Porter  are entering the next phase of their 20-year relationship with plans for a new – gen shopping experience. Over the next two year, the two brands will work together to develop a ‘revolutionary, digital and integrated shopping experience’ for its customers, integrating Armani’s physical boutique with its digital sites with the aid of YNAP’s global logistics network, this blending of analog and digital spaces aiming to create a seamless shopping experience for Armani’s clients. The ongoing pandemic has reiterated the need for designers to adopt a more innovative approach to fashion retail, with Armani seeing this shift as an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with its clientele and understand their expectations from the brand. This new technology will allow for a far more flexible  shopping experience, with customers soon able to access all available products across both online and offline channels, and  benefit from the full potential of both, this revolutionary development seeing grater sustainability, transparency and circularity for Armani in a period of rapidly evolving shopping habits and demands.

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