LIFESTYLE | Working From Home: Tips To Improve Productivity

When your lovely desk is suddenly replaced with a kitchen table, maintaining your productivity can be a hard thing, but the following tips will help you boost your performance.

Don’t work in bed: if you can, dedicate a space for work that is independent from your living room, or it would be difficult to separate your household from your work, recommends a professional trainer. If you didn’t have a separate room, use your home library to draw a clear line between work and fun.

Stick to a schedule: id doesn’t have to be a strict like in the office (probably, it won’t), said psychiatrist Christina Cualin. However, without a plan, it would be hard to finish your work. Consider the best time to work, whether in the early morning or after a delicious breakfast. If you are working with a team on certain tasks, discuss it with you employer and colleagues, and determine the time of work and when they can reach you, the German News Adency (DPA) reported.

Set breaks: the biggest challenge that could face you when you work from home is keep working all day without breaks. For the sake of your mental energy, you should plan breaks and stick to them. You can take a 15-minute break every two hours, or finish a certain number of tasks and then take a break.

Don’t let household chores interrupt you: you may feel tempted to finish your household chores, says an expert. However, emptying the dishwashing machine, vacuuming, or even doing the laundry would distract you from finishing your work. Therefore, it would be better to resist those temptation and finish these chores during your break or in the evening.

Enjoy your free time: when people are at work, they often spend their break on their desks. However, according to the expert, this is not acceptable in remote working. When you work from home, you can spoil yourself and do things that you weren’t able to do on regular work days. Have a cup of coffee on the balcony, chat with a friend over the phone, or go out for  a walk.

Keep in touch with your colleagues: working from home doesn’t mean you should totally isolate yourself. You can organize regular video calls with your colleagues. However, if the social media networks don’t make part of your tasks, it would be better to turn on the airplane mode in your phone while working.

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