EMIRATES | “Seven Lines” Announced As UAE Nation Brand

EMIRATES | “Seven Lines” Announced As UAE Nation Brand

ABU DHABI | UAE – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forced, have official launched the “Seven Lines” logo as the UAE Nation Brand.

The logo attracted the majority of 10.6 million votes cast from all over the world to choose the design that will share the inspiring story of Emirates. Complementing the slogan “Make it Happen”, the logo captures the ambitions, achievements, openness, hope and the culture of possibilities that are an integral part of the country’s fabric.

The launch was part of an event at Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi that brought together the “Inspiring 49” team of Emirati artists, authors, poets and designers who contributed to designing three logos to represent the UAE to the rest of the world.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, “The UAE Nation Brand represent our map, our identity and our rising aspirations. It also represents seven emirates, seven founders and seven horses with which we will compete in the global race for development”.

Opening the vote globally to choose the design of the UAE Nation Brand highlights the human dimension of the UAE’s value of partnership and openness”, he added.

Nothing that the ongoing tree – plant initiative has contributed to spreading hope, His Highness said, “The Emirates will plant 10 million trees, and with them we will plant a new hope and a new story of inspiration. We call on all sectors and entities in the country to use this logo as part of their strategic initiatives and events that help convey the UAE’s story to the world”.

The humanitarian initiative attracted an overwhelming global response with 10,6 million votes from 185 countries and 500 million social media views by the end of the voting campaign on 31st December 2019. Fulfilling its pledge, the UAE will plant ten million trees to empower communities in areas affected by climate change in Nepal and Indonezia.

For his part, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed said, “The UAE Nation Brand tells the story of our union, our unity, our future and of a country that is firmly making its mark across the world. Our goal for the new brand is to enhance the Emirates’ global reputation, in which we invested thousands of teams throughout 48 years of constant work”.

The map of the Emirates is close to the heart of every citizen and resident of this country. We appreciate everyone’s effort to advance the glory of this map globally. We thank each individual and organization that helped in the implementation of this national project and those who voted from all over the world to select the UAE Nation Brand”, he added.

The design comprises seven lines that shape the UAE map, inspired by the country’s high – rise pillars and firm foundation, its strong spirit, its lofty dreams and its development ambition. The seven pillars from the foundation of the shared home and honour the seven leaders who united the dreams of the people unde one national banner.

The UAE Nation Brand aims to share the Emirates’ inspiring story of constant development in the face of challenges, highlight the Emirates’ unique identity and strengthen its long –standing positive image in the global consciousness. It strives to cement the country’s position on the world map as an effective and influential nation of regional and global prominence and share milestones of the UAE’s exceptional journey of development that transformed the country into an incubator of innovation and  an entrepreneurial hub.

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