BREAKING NEWS | Arab Quartet Condemns Military Intervention In Libya

ABU DHABI | UAE – The Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have issued a joint statement rejecting the Turkish parliament’s passing of the motion earlier this week to allow a military intervention in Libya.

Saudi Arabia’s Consultative Assembly issued the joint statement, along with the UAE’s Federal National Councils, Egypt’s House of Representatives, and Bahrain’s Consultative Council, in light of recent developments witnessed within Libya.

In the statement, the Quartet stressed its categorical rejection of any external interference that violates the sovereignty and independence of any Arab country by any party.

In noted the Arab bloc’s “grave concern” surrounding security challenges, external intervention, and terrorist threats experienced on Libyan soil and its neighbouring countries. The Quartet statement declared the categorical rejection and strong condemnation of the recent Turkish parliament decision to approve military intervention within Libya, noting that such a move violates international law and convents and is considered an attack on Libyan sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The joint statement called on the international community to act immediately to ensure a halt to any foreign intervention against any Arab country. It also highlighted the importance of supporting a political solution for the security and stability of peoples and nations of the region and the world.

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