KSA | Saudi Arabia: Qiddiya Announces Progress, Readiness of New Office Complex

RIYADH | SAUDI ARABIA – The Qiddiya Development, the development branch of Qiddiya Investment, announced the readiness of the first part of its new office complex ahead of schedule.

Qiddiya Development is tasked with designing and operating the largest entertainment giant complex for sports, arts, and entertainment in the region.

The progress comes in the mids of a number of accomplishments during 2019 including the reveal of the project’s general plan, launch of “Six Flags Qiddiy” design, and the initiation of the first construction phase.

The 21,000 square meters-new office complex will hire approximately 150 employees working on the completion of the first phase of Qindia, scheduled for 2023.

The new office complex, near the visitors’ center at Qiddiya, was developed by Dubox, an Amana company subsidiary. It will be the first batch of offices to be built on the Qiddiya site, which is expected to become the capital of entertainment, sports, and arts in Saudi Arabia.

The complex will include a backyard with outdoor seating, shaded parking, and a range of service facilities.

The office’ interior design embodies a wonderful masterpiece designed by Saudi people and inspired by the cultural and creative spirit that characterizes the company’s main offices in Riyadh.

Saudi artist Sarah al-Juhani and Nou Ghamshi were chosen to supervise the design in a contemporary style, and office was officially inaugurated on Dec. 11, where 12 Qiddiya employees were honored for their efforts in establishing the complex.

Chief development officer of the entertainment, sports and cultural destination of the Qiddiya Investment, Kareem Shamma, noted that these office are important because they reflect the cultural and creative spirit of Qiddiya.

He indicated that they also represent a distinct work environment in which all the elements are available to enable the employees to accomplish their tasks in preparation for the launch of the first phase of the project.

“We are proud of our leadership in providing an ideal working environment and opening the new office ahead of time”.

Employees and staff members will gradually move from the company’s headquarters in Riyadh to the new complex at the project site to ensure a smooth transition.

The first batch of offices is located on the lower side of Qiddiya, and a second complex will be established on the upper side and is scheduled to be inaugurated in August 2020

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