ENTERTAINMENT | Saudi Film Wins Jury Prize At Marrakech International Film Festival

Saudi film “Last Visit” won the jury award at Marrakech International Film Festival.

Directed by Abdulmohsen Al-Dhabaan, it tells the story of an inter-generational conflict between a grandfather, father and son about establishing a life between the capital, Riyadh, and a distant village, and the differences in traditions between the two regions.

Upon receiving news that his ailing father is nearing death, Nasser, who left his native village decades ago to establish himself in Riyadh, decides to drive home for one last visit, accompanied by his 16-year old son Waleed. Imbued with unspoken disavowal and disapproval, this inter-generational relationship incarnates the deep rift than alienates Saudi men – the fathers upholding stern, antiquated patriarchal customs, the sons aspiring for emancipation – as well as the rural-urban divide of contemporary Saudi society.

The movie stars Osama Alqess, Abdullah Alfahad, Fahad Alghariri, Mousaed Khaled and Ghazi Hamad.

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