BREAKING NEWS | Prince William Heads To Persian Gulf For Visit Spotlighting His Growing Diplomatic Profile

MILAN | ITALY – Prince William will get another chance to show his diplomatic chops when he heads Sunday to another strategic and touchy region of the world – the Persian Gulf – on a four-day-mission representing Britain.

The Duke of Cambridge, 37, will be in Kuwait and Oman starting Sunday and concluding Wednesday, for a visit at the request of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The will be the prince’s first official visit to both countries, according to Kensington Palace, which described the trip in lyrical terms in a statement.

“From the modern capital of Kuwait City and Muscat to the vast Kuwaiti deserts and stunning wadis in the Omani mountains, the visit will take in both countries’ unique cultures, their beautiful landscapes, and diverse communities”, the palace statement said.

This is only the latest foreign trip for William, who is increasingly taking on more responsibilities representing the country and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, now that the 93-year-old monarch has given up long-haul travel abroad.

William’s father, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, also has taken on more duties in support of the queen, and his son, second in line to the throne, is stepping up to help carry the royal load.

William’s Persian Gulf trip means he will miss a glittering reception the queen is hosting at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday for visiting NATO leaders, including President Donald Trump, who will be meeting the queen for the third time. William’s wife, Duchess Kate of Cambridge, will be there, as will Charles and his wife, Duchess Camilla of Cornwall.

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