KSA | “Davos in the Desert” Tackles International Economic Challenges, Future Aspirations

RIYADH/SAUDI ARABIA – The three-day Future Investment Initiative (FII), nicknamed “Davos in the Desert”, will kick off in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, tackling strategic and vital questions about the regional and global economic and investment environment.

The event brings together global policymakers and tycoons from across the global at 47 seminars and workshops and three summits. Dozens of global companies, including 25 American firms and investment banks, have confirmed their participation.

FII will seek to answer numerous questions, including how the current ambitious economy can shape the economy of the next decade.

FII agenda also addresses female economy and whether current developments will help further incorporate women in global economics. It will highlight Japan and China as examples.

Financial challenges will also be addressed, with attention directed at the situation in Europe. Europe governments will be asked how they are seeking to push innovation in the financial markets. On the international level, executives will tackle ways to meet the United States’ sustainable development goals.

FII will also shine the spotlight on the role India, Brazil and Africa can play in the global economy.

Energy files will take center stage at the event. Discussions will address new energy innovations.

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