WORLD NEWS | Melania Trump Heads Downriver In Wyoming As Trump Faces Uphill Battle In Washington

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA | In Washington this week, President Donald Trump had his hands full, trying to climb out of the seemingly endless swirl of negativism that has come on the heels of an ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, his wife, the first lady of the United States, spent Thursday and Friday climbing through Big Sky country, enjoying a nature walk with kids in Jackson Hole, and Moose, Wyoming, even, according to a member of her communication team, spotting a bald eagle roosting in a tree alongside a bucolic riverbank.

As President Trump back home takes it from all side – a barrage of accusations and innuendos about misuse of presidential power, and fires back at Democrats, doubling down on his defense of goading the leaders of Ukraine and China to look into his political opponent, Melania Trump quite literally floated away from it all, downstream, in a raft on Wyoming’s Snake River, the still-warm October sun shining on her very first trip to Grand Teton territory.

“The trip (to Wyoming) had been in the planning stages for a couple of months”, her spokeswoman, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham told CNN.

Trump was in Wyoming to talk up the well-being component of her three-pronged Be Best platform of helping children, and push the National Parks’ “Every Kid Outdoors” program; she made no remarks to an audience on her two-day trip. The lack of a speech, while not out of character for this notoriously press-shy first lady, only served to amplify the persistent silence she has practiced since the President’s most recent and perhaps most significant public battle wages in Washington.

Grisham says that Melania Trumps’ lack of public engagement on the topic of impeachment is not escapism,  however, but a response to the futility of weighing in. “Mrs. Trump, her husband, their family, and this administration have been under attack since the day they took office”, says Grisham, who maintains the first lady is focused only on her role, and on being a wife and mother. Other first ladies have been poignant protectors against scandals affecting thei

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