BUSINESS | Drako, A $1.25 Million Electric Supercar, Debuts At Quail

DUBAI, UAE – To introduce an all-new electric vehicle at jolly old Quail takes some confidence  you can’t look left or right and forth at this annual, ultra-exclusive event in Carmel-By-The-Sea without beholding a plethora off-the-charts, million-dollar-plus automobiles on display.

But when you show up with an all-new electric supercar making 1,200 horsepower and a $1,250,000 price tag, it’s “Right this way, darling”.

It’s the Drako GTE, and it’s ready for sale – it’s not a prototype, not a concept. They’re only making 25 of these environmentally-friendly-super-cars, and if all goes well this weekend, a few will be pre-sold.

Of their newly launched jewel, Drako says the car embodies iconic Italian design and luxuriously accommodates four passengers and their luggage”.

Here are some quick specs:

  • It’s got for electric motors producing a total output of 1,200 horespower.
  • It’s all-wheel drive.
  • Top speed is 206 MPH (331 km/h).
  • Its immense power is controlled with technology evolved from earning a Nurburgring lap record in 2015 during early stage development.
  • Three oversized radiators at the front of the car are fed with ample airflow through GTE’s aggressive three-section front fascia to ensure overheating does not inhib lap time.

GET is the culmination of nearly a decade of underletting design, engineering and track development by a world class team assembled by Drako Motors Founders Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand, who were driven by the company’s mission of “creating stunning, driver focused supercars that deliver exhilarating performance with maximum control and safety”.

Silicon Valeey-based Drako Motors isn’t’ a completely new company, although they are new to making this type car. The company originally was engaged in all-wheel-driven torque vectoring tested in the Finish prototype Electric Race About.

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