EMIRATES | Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque attracts over 115,000 worshippers during Eid Al Adha

Abu Dhabi – August 17, 2019 – Abu Dhabi’s landmark Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque welcome 115,061 guests during Eid Al Adha. Among 40,824 worshippers, 12,742  of them performed Eid Al Adha prayer, while the number of visitors were 74,237 during the occasion.

The renowned mosque received visitors from inside the country and abroad who enjoyed distinguished services. They were briefed about the mosque’s architectural elements and wonderful engineering designs. The visitors also learned about its role in promoting the culture of tolerance that mirrors the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Meanwhile, the Sheick Zayed Grand Mosque Centre facilitates 43 cultural visits to the mosque as part of “Our Culture” programme aimed at involving all segments of the society in Eid celebrations and briefing them about the importance of religious and national occasions, as well as promoting Emirati culture.

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