Fashion | Elie Saab Designed 2 Dream Wedding Dresses For His Daughter-In-Law With Over 1 Million Sequins

Elie Saab has dressed an array of A-list celebrities from Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez, but he may have just worked with his most memorable client to date, after designing two beautiful dresses for his now daughter-in-low Christina Mourad.

The fashion designer created two unique gown especially for his son Elie Saab Jr’s bride at the weekend, with Christina revealing that she didn’t have any input into the design of the dresses, and instead trusted Elie to reflect her personality and style into the haute couture dresses.

Elie Saab designed two wedding dresses for his daughter-in-law Christina Mourad,

But she was right to trust him, as the result was two equally unique and beautiful wedding dresses – one for their traditional Lebanese wedding ceremony, and the other for the rest of their celebrations. According to Brides, Christina’s ceremony gown was made with 500.000 sequins, with a sleeveless tulle embroidered fabric and a 14-food-train. She completed the look with a veil and headpiece decorated with 50,000 more sequins.

Meanwhile, the reception dress was a corset ballgown embellished with 650,000 sequins and 150,000 Swarovski crystals, transforming Christina into a fairytale bride. The second dress also came with a veil that was embellished with 100,000 sequins.

As you would expect, it took a lot of time and effort to make the dresses, with Elie Saab and his team devoting 450 hours of embroidery, 150 hours of draping and volume creation, 80 hours of embroidery loyout design, and 200 hours of tailoring to each of the two gown. Phew!

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