Fashion | Armani Launches Fifth Olympic Campaign

Milan, Italy – Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer menswear previews has started with a slightly different rhythm, with many mainstays not showing this season.

Milano, Italy – Giorgio Armani and Italian Olympic officials used the runway to announce Armani’s fifth Olympic Games as the Italian team’s officials uniform designer.

Some 30 Olympians and Paralympians introduces the looks for 2020 Games in Tokyo that projected Armani’s often-expressed love of Japan, with the red rising sun of Japan transformed with the green-white-and-red of the Italian flag.

The president of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Giovani Malago, was on hand for the rollout. He praised Armani as the designer “who has given the most trust to the world of sports and to the teams that represent our country”.

Taking a lone turn on the runway to close the show was professional race car driven Alex Zanardi, who lost both legs in a racing accident in 2001.

Armani previously designed the Italian Olympic and Paralympic uniforms for the Summer Games in London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and for the Winter Games in 2014 in Sochi, Russia, and in 2018 in Pyenogchang, South Korea. lsdsemih


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