Fashion | Beyonce’s Bag Is More Viral Than Her New Meme

The latest Beyonce meme heard round the world took off well into last  night, bringing with it the return of Becky With the Good Hair. In case you’ve been living under a social media rock for the last 12 hours, Mrs.Carter was spotted courtside at night’s NBA Playoff game, seemingly none too pleased with her seatmate leaning over her to talk to Jay-Z.

Twitter’s been losing it over Bey’s unchecked facial reaction ever since.

But it wasn’t Queen Bey’s lesson in how to give shade that caught our rapt attention. A closer look past the singer’s side-eye to the court had us doing a double take. An all-too-familiar mint-green handbag is seen sitting by Beyonce’s side, one that seems slightly put of place amid the celeb’s usual high-end designer fare. By Far’s unmistakable Ball Bag has become an Instagram-influencer staple over the past six month. The cult indie brand has a talent for dreaming up accessories that the social media platform’s users have consistently fawned over, and it looks like Beyonce is no exception.

Ever since the shoe brand introduced handbags to its lineup. By Far has also become a celebrity staple, featured on the arms of Gigi and Bela Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Kate Hudson, to name a few. The brand’s many show and handbag styles have all been rampant on Instagram, but the Ball Bag stands a step above. It’s the perfect culmination of this year’s best trends: croc-embossed print, a top handle, and a pistachio/mint-green finish.

Beyonce’s exact mint-green version of the bag is unfortunately no longer available for purchase, thought we’re placing bets that By Far will bringing it back soon.


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