Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia | UAE, Saudi Arabia Sign AEO Agreement

The UAE and Saudi Arabia, yesterday, signed an authorized economic operator, AEO, agreement.

The agreement aims to improve the customs cooperation between the two countries and facilitate trade, in implementation of the outcomes of the Al Azm Retreat, approved by Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council.

The agreement was signed in Riyadh by Ali Saeed Mattar Al Niyadi, Customs Commissioners and Chairman of the Federal Customs Authority, and Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Haqbany, Governor of the General Customs Authority.

Al Niyadi stated that the signing of the agreement is in implementation of the directives of their leaderships to reinforce their economic cooperation and promote trade.

“We are witnessing the actual implementation of the outcomes of the retreat, which were approved and adopted by the council. Today’s signing is a joint acknowledgement of our AEOs”, he said.

He added that the agreement will provide many advantages for both countries of both countries aim to exchange the best customs practices and expertise, overcome their joint challenges and encourage the participation of the private sector in customs operations, he further added while explaining that Saudi Arabia is a leading commercial and strategic partner of the UAE.

The total value of non-oil trade between the UAE and Saudi Arabia amounted to AED107.4 billion (US$29.4 BILLION) in 2018 while the value of imports from Saudi Arabia to the UAE amounted to AED27.8 billion ($7.6BILLION). during the same year, Emirati exports to Saudi Arabia reached a value of AED31.5 billion ($8.6billion) and its re-exports reached AED48.1 billion ($13.2 million).

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