KSA | Al-Ula Treasures: How The Site Of Mada’in Saleh Paved The Historic Incense Route

Mada’in Saleh, also called “Al-Hijr” or “Hegra”, was the first Saudi site listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its huge historical significance.

Mentioned in the Holy Quran, many religious and peoples coexisted in its land for peoples of civilization throughout history.

The area of Mada’in Saleh stretches about sixty hectare, and what is known on the surface is only a fraction of the treasures buried under the lands. These immortal features made by former Nabataeans who settled around this region between the first century BC and the first after AD are only the highlights of the civilization who ruled the lands at the time.

Tombs dug neatly in Mada’in Saleh still tell the tales of the fallen kings, dignitaries and merchants who for centuries were the rules  of the region’s game of politics and trade of the Incense Route and the site served as a link between Asia, the south of the Arabian Peninsula  and the Levant, as well as Pharaonic Egypt and the Roman Empire in the Mediterranea, /

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